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RLI Surety has four distinct surety segments — commercial, contract, energy and miscellaneous. Each segment is staffed by specialists that possess the expertise to underwrite the bond, industry and financial risks specific to the segment. We strive to build long-term relationships with our appointed agents and brokers and our mutual surety clients alike by providing outstanding service and innovative solutions. RLI’s financial stability provides assurance that we fulfill our commitments and that obligees will accept our bonds.

  • Commercial surety provides bonding capacity for large commercial accounts with bonded aggregations of up to $75 million.
  • Contract surety supports experienced small and medium sized contractors for their performance and payment bond needs.
  • Energy surety provides energy related bonds to independent energy companies in all 50 states.
  • Miscellaneous surety writes license and permit bonds, judicial bonds, public official bonds, fidelity and smaller contract bonds.

Visit the RLI Surety website to find an underwriter.

Visit the RLI Surety website for more information.

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