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RLI Transportation

Complete our accident reporting kit for transportation claims.

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Personal Umbrella

Use our on-line form to submit your personal umbrella claim.

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All Other RLI Products

Easily and conveniently report your claim online except workers' compensation claims - see below.

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Claim Contact Information

RLI Transportation Claims

For RLI Transportation claims, please use the following information:

During business hours: 800-444-0406
After business hours: 800-609-8041
Fax: 866-692-6796

General Claims

Need to contact our claim department? Here's how you can reach us.

Email (preferred):
Phone: 800-444-0406
Fax: 866-692-6796
Mailing address: RLI Claim Department, P.O. Box 3961, Peoria, IL 61612-3961

RLI Protect™ Cyber Event

If you are an RLI Protect customer and think you may be experiencing a cyber event, you have several ways to contact us:

Cyber Event Coach (preferred): (844) 623-3095
Main phone: 800-444-0406


A Cyber Event Coach will return your call as soon as possible day or night, usually within a few hours. In the mean time remain calm, help is on the way.

Workers' Compensation Claims

For Workers' Compensation claims, please use the following phone and fax numbers or email us at

Phone: 877-863-5095
Fax: 877-863-4352


See posted panels or select an initial doctor

Download Workers' Compensation Virtual Claims Kit

As a convenience for our customers, as well as being more environmentally conscious, we have created the virtual claims kit for all our workers' compensation policyholders. You’ll be able to print from your computer the required workers' compensation posting notices, employee notification and claim forms, at any time.